Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy 237th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps today, and Happy Veteran's Day tomorrow!  If you see a Marine today, wish him or her a happy birthday, and make a concerted effort to tell anyone you see in uniform or something that says they are a veteran (Veteran's plates, a ball cap that indicates veteran status, whatever), "Thank you for your service!"  Whether his or her service was yesterday or 60 years ago, we can never repay the dept we owe those who put themselves in harm's way that we may continue to life the life of peace and freedom that we enjoy here in the US.
In the next few years, we will continue to have a growing number of service members coming back from combat, requiring a great deal of care, understanding and patience, but let's don't ever forget that we owe them that as well as tremendous respect and gratitude.
Maybe this Veteran's Day, instead of just enjoying an extra day off work - especially if you do get off of work - find one thing you can do to support our military, veterans, and/or their families.  Maybe you can bake cookies for the USO, pack care packages for active duty deployed members, or just go visit a veteran's hospital or senior center, and/or donate to a reputable veteran's care group.  Be creative, use your individual talents!  It's the least we can do!
Check out what the founder of Go Daddy decided to do:
Video tribute from Go Daddy

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