Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is my first blog post...ever...
Things are definitely moving along in the development of this practice!  I am in negotiations for space to hold donation based classes beginning in April, teaching for MBS Fitness at 1221 Lofts, will be teaching a class for Central Market employees this spring, am discussing teaching at two other facilities, and am registered for Trauma Sensitive Teacher Certification training in Austin, TX this May.  Between that and the job that pays for my trainings, I should never get bored, that's for sure!  With all that building a  practice entails, it is imperative that I remember to do my daily practice - pranayama, asana, chant, meditation as well as nutritional attention are all important to keep me moving forward.  I can't very well share tools for self-healing with others if I am not continuously utilizing them myself, can I?  Every choice has greater significance if it is intentional...Today, I will strive to be intentional in honoring my practice and myself.

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